7 of the best courses for students on LinkedIn Learning

University of Newcastle students now have access to over 5000 free short courses on LinkedIn Learning. The site covers a huge range of topics that fit within three main categories of business, creativity, and technology. You don’t need a LinkedIn account to access the site (although you may consider making one after taking a course on the site) and you can personalise which courses are recommended to you.

For more info about how to use the site visit the University’s library guide here. If you aren’t sure what to tackle first, we’ve pulled together seven of the best courses for students.

1. Unconscious Bias

This course will help you recognise how the biases you are born with (race, gender, ethnicity, sex, etc.) impact the way you view the world and the actions you take. Learning to acknowledge and counteract your personal biases is not only a valuable life skill, but also makes you a better colleague, employee, and friend.

Course length: 24mins

Key skills: communication, empathy, teamwork

If you want to dig deeper than this quick course, the University has launched the SBS Inclusion Modules on Blackboard. The course is split in to five modules and takes about two hours to complete. It covers cultural competency, LGBTQIA+ communities, and more.

2. Building Self Confidence

This quick course teaches you simple and practical tips to help you be confident in both your personal and professional world. It encourages you to build self-worth and remember your value, especially when undertaking tasks and responsibilities. Perfect for those of us who struggle to be assertive and confident in group assignments or at work.

Course length: 18mins

Key skills: personal development

3. How to Develop Your Career Plan

Have you ever sat down and tried to plan out your career? Without guidance, the process can leave you feeling overwhelmed and dejected. This course is a great way to learn the frameworks of career planning, from the first job to the dream job. It also covers mentoring and personal development!

Course length: 24mins

Key skills: career management, organisation

4. Excel Essential Training (Office 365)

The holy grail of online courses, this excel training teaches you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Excel in one easy to access place. No more frantic googling of how-tos, with this course you’ll learn how to input data, formulas for easy use, formatting, printing, and more. And as a bonus this course will look GREAT on your CV.

Course length: 2hrs 10mins

Key skills: Microsoft Excel, Office 365

5. Creative Cloud Crash Course

Another software course, this one is for all the creatives out there who bought Adobe’s Creative Cloud for the one program they know how to use and have always wondered what the other ones are for. This course introduces you to them all, highlights the best features, and teaches you the basics. Plus you can learn how to use the extra Adobe tools like Behance and Portfolio.

Course length: 2hrs 26mins

Key skills: Adobe Creative Cloud

6. Being Confident on Camera

In an increasingly digital age it doesn’t hurt to be confident in front of a lens. Presented by a TV host and weatherman this course has tips for acting natural and “staying cool” on camera, perfect for recorded assessments or video presentations at work. Learn when to stick to script and when to be spontaneous, and enjoy the bonus tips for how to make any project look great.

Course length: 24mins

Key skills: presenting, personal development

7. Programming Foundations: Fundamentals

Whether you have experience with programming or you are a total newbie, this course promises to teach you the fundamentals of programming and the core concepts of programming languages. It will allow you to grasp what’s going on “under the hood”. You’ll learn how to look at different kinds of data, and troubleshoot common programming issues.

Course length: 2hrs 6mins

Key skills: programming, JavaScript

Bonus: Piano Lessons: Teach Yourself to Play

Get those creative juices going and learn an instrument! There are plenty of different music courses available on the site, explore what works best for you and get to playing. This particular course will teach you the basic of piano including proper playing/posture techniques and music theory.

There is plenty more to learn through LinkedIn Learning and as a student at the University of Newcastle, you get free access to the whole suite of courses and videos. Take advantage of the site during your studying years, and don’t forget to pop the course on your CV when you’re done!

Overwhelmed by the options and need some help navigating the LinkedIn Learning site? There’s a course for that too! Check it out here.

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