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5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Library

With the end of semester exams fast approaching, now is a great time to look into some of the things the library has to offer. Whether you’re looking to hit the books or de-stress and enjoy some chill time, the library has you covered! 

You’ve probably walked past the library many times, maybe even popped in for a study session or some late-night exam cramming, but did you know that the library is home to heaps of cool initiatives for students? I spoke with Carly Parmenter, manager of the Student Engagement and Partnerships team at the University Library, to find out more about some fun activities and services that you might not have heard of.  

1. It’s home to rare, one-of-a-kind resources 

The Auchmuty Library Special Collections features extremely old, rare books and other unique items – like ancient artifacts from Roman Britian and centuries-old handwritten manuscripts. You can browse the digitised collection online, or make a booking with the Special Collections staff to see these unique items right before your eyes! 

2. You can sleep there 

Yes, really! And I don’t just mean nodding off while you study – the library has a Sleep Pod with ambient lighting and a sleepy soundtrack to help you drift off to sleep. It also gently wakes you when your power nap is done. You’ll leave it feeling energised, superpowered and ready for more study! 

3. It has a podcast and filming room 

The Library Microstudio works as a recording and filming studio, decked out with a professional-grade microphone camera and greenscreen. Anyone can book a session, it’s perfect if you have a multimodal assessment task or just want to try something new! 

4. There’s 3D printers, VR Goggles, and more 

The Makerspace resides in the Ourimbah library, and has regular pop-ups in the Auchmuty library. It’s home to some seriously fun resources like drones, VR goggles, 3D printers, sewing machines and plenty more – all available for anyone to come and try! 

5. It runs peer-to-peer study sessions 

Last but definitely not least, the library holds several initiatives to support you in your academic studies. Student Peer Support Advisors (SPSA’s) are available to help you navigate the library services, and provide peer-to-peer guidance. They also run the ‘Study With Me’ program every Thursday night during exam weeks at Ourimbah and Auchmuty, perfect for anyone looking for a little extra motivation to study for exams! 

There are plenty of exciting events coming up soon, including more Makerspace pop ups and a Special Collections exhibition. To stay in the loop, follow the library on Instagram @uni_newcastle_library and Twitter @uonlib

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