Yazmin sitting at a table outside the Hive cafe, holding a takeaway coffee

Your Stories – Meet Yazmin

Name: Yazmin

Degree: Bachelor of Laws Combined (Criminology)

How did you come to enroll in this degree?

I always wanted a career in law working with women and children who experienced domestic violence and substance abuse issues, especially women with substance abuse issues who have had their children removed. I want to work with them for restorative purposes and to get them reconnected.

I fell into my current job as a project manager at a technology firm because the company heard I was a Ma & Morley Scholar. It’s one of the biggest equitable scholarships the university offers. They offer leadership programs, and opportunities including indigenous and cultural immersion experiences plus so much more, it’s amazing.  I can move into the legal department of my company and become a corporate lawyer though it’s not where I saw myself. I was taught when I started university to say yes to things, because your direction changes and you’ll get opportunities you didn’t think would happen.

Yazmin’s Ma & Morley Scholarship

How do you juggle university with your busy life?

As a student, mother, wife and full-time employee outside of university, I’m strict and rigid with my schedule. Every single Sunday I write out everything for the week for myself and my family and must follow it to a T otherwise everything unravels. I spend weekends catching up on university work, which is fine. It’s what I signed up to do to reach the end goal. I can see that goal in sight, and I know what I sacrifice now will pay off in future.

Yazmin’s daughter and her husband on their wedding day

Have you used any services through the University?

When I first started as a mature-aged student I was really scared and didn’t have any friends, so I became part of a program called Uni4U. They held space for everyone, had printing facilities, provided textbooks if we needed them and even drove us to class from their office if we couldn’t secure a car park. They did everything in their power to make sure we succeeded, especially those from adverse backgrounds, students new to Newcastle and mature-aged students. I wanted to drop out so many times but they were the only ones in my corner saying you can do it and they helped me to continue towards my goal.

If students don’t know about accessibility, they need to. For people like myself who are anxious with a lot going on in their lives, having a reasonable adjustment plan saved me. It’s amazing how many services are available at the university that students don’t know about.

Yazmin enjoying coffee at the Hive café

Are you involved with any groups or organisations within the Uni?

‘What were you wearing?’ run by Sarah, started as an exhibition overseas. It’s about people who have experienced sexual assault and they display what they were wearing at the time in the exhibition. They are a group of university students that advocate for others, and it’s an amazing organisation.

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