Blake, Jordan and Aaron sitting together on the Auchmuty library lounges

Your Stories – Meet Blake, Jordan and Aaron

Names: Blake, Jordan & Aaron

Degree: Bachelor of Music and Performing Arts

So, tell me about your degree

Blake: I was doing a double degree in computer science and mathematics before switching to a Bachelor of Music and Performing Arts. I’m the vice president of the UON Musos Club which was formed in late 2020. We meet every Tuesday at 6 pm and do performance parts to a chosen theme. People can join or just listen, and we have music-themed games and conversations. It’s not just for people who make music it’s for people who like music.

Blake showing the UON Musos Club Facebook page

What do you enjoy most about the university experience?

Blake: Going from the Covid era of study, the thing I most enjoy about university is being on campus and communicating with people. As for the degree, it allows my creativity to blossom in a way that is structured but also free-flowing. It enables us to learn to promote bands as well as be in one. It provides a lot more knowledge about an industry that can be quite daunting to get into.

Where do you want to take this degree?

Jordan: I did this degree to meet people and start a band, which I now have. We start recording our first single next Monday. It all really happened by chance as they were looking for a drummer and it went from there.

Blake: I found my drummer for the band I’m currently forming, and I’m also using some of the production techniques I’m learning in the courses to become a producer. I’ve also got my own solo project I produce and sing for as well.

Jordan (left) and Blake (right) at the Auchmuty Library

What advice do you have for future or current students wanting to study music?

Blake: If you do music and want to get into a music degree, just do it. It’s a lot easier and a lot less stressful than you think it is. And if you don’t do music but want to do a music degree just pick something up, you don’t have to be super knowledgeable about it. Step by step, day by day.

You need to learn how to accept failure, in any degree. If you fail and learn to accept it, then build from that and get better, you can go anywhere.

Bachelor of Music and Performing Arts students Blake (left), Aaron (centre) and Jordan (right)

What have you struggled with?

Aaron: The biggest struggle for me was when they changed the degree three times in three years. Every new semester my classes changed. I do sound design, and my mate and I do music composition for games, but that course no longer exists. We could have applied our skills to that. We are doing a course on field recording and soundscapes now and have found a way to overcome that challenge, for our final project we are making a game and creating sound design for it.

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