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Your Stories – Meet Bridget

Name: Bridget

Degree: Bachelor of Communications (Majoring in Media Arts Production)

Why did you decide to come to uni and what drew you to a communication degree?

Honestly, it just seemed interesting. I wasn’t ready to commit to a full-time job yet and I thought studying would be a good idea. I love films. I’ve done a lot of acting and really wanted to get some knowledge that would allow me to work more behind the scenes. 

Where do you see yourself after uni?

My ultimate goal is to get to Hollywood, I just need to figure out how to get there! I would love to continue acting but I’m also really interested in producing and directing too. Honestly, a bit of everything. 

I started acting in year five when my primary school teacher came up to me and was like “Hey Bridget, you should do acting!”. Her mum was the president of Young People’s Theatre so that’s where I started. I starred in a few shows and continued drama all through high school. There are a lot of theatre shows I want to be part of this year but I’m not currently taking classes while at uni. I’d really like to go back in semester 2. 

Group shot for Young People’s Theatre Newcastle Inc. 

Have you learned anything about yourself since starting uni?

I am a very last-minute person. Somehow, I’m not stressed, everything seems to fall together when it needs to but I’m worried that one day it just won’t. I’ll see how that goes when the day comes. 

How is where you are now different to where you saw yourself in school?

Until year 10 I wanted to be a teacher. From the age of seven I told everybody I would become a teacher one day, even my principal said I’d be back to work as a teacher at school and eventually take over her role! But my sister became a teacher while she was studying and I noticed the coursework seemed intense. I think I would have left anyway and moved into a communications degree due to my love of acting and film. Taking a year off from acting has made me realise just how much I miss it. 

What shows do you want to be part of?

I’ve always loved Legally Blonde and it’s coming to Newcastle but the dream would be to star in Mamma Mia – I love Mamma Mia! Directing wise, I’d love to direct something along the lines of Billy Elliot or any movie musical really, that would be fun to do. 

Bridget acting in the Wizard of Oz play, cast as the Wizard 

Tell me more about your dancing.

I started when I was two, not professionally but recreationally once a week. I tried cheerleading for a little while then I found Pulse Dance Kingdom which is where I’m at now, I’ve been there since I was five. I’ve done a lot of jazz and contemporary but my favourite style is hip hop. 

I got a rod in my back when I was in year 12 due to scoliosis, so I basically missed out on a whole term of year 12. I was surprised I managed to catch up with all my work and make it into uni straight out of high school. After six weeks of recovery I returned to school for two hours a week because I didn’t want to fail. The operation has limited some elements of my dancing but overall, I’m glad I had the surgery. If I had left it another few years, it would have been so much worse and harder to integrate into my life. 

Have you experienced any challenges?

Balancing everything. When I first started uni, I landed my new job at the same time. It’s overwhelming the amount of work you must do juggling uni, work and a social life. I go weird if I have no social life. Last term we had a bunch of assignments due all at once and I couldn’t spend any time with people. Work is important and I rely on the money so I can’t push that aside. 

Bridget studying at NuSpace 

Do you have any advice for others?

You have to fend for yourself. Coming from high school you have teachers constantly on top of you telling you when assignments are due but here at uni that’s not the case. You need to be on top of your work across all classes and keep track of when all your assignments are due. 

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