Your Stories – Meet Julia

Name: Julia Degree: Bachelor of Coastal and Marine Science Where would you like to take this degree? I really want to do a PhD and work in Antarctica looking at how climate change is affecting Adelie penguin habitats and how their behavioural adaptations are changing due to habitat loss. They’re so cute, the male penguins collect pebbles and give them to the females who then … Continue reading Your Stories – Meet Julia

Mid-shot of Ava working on her laptop at the Callaghan campus

Your Stories – Meet Ava

Name: Ava Degree: Bachelor of Education (Primary) What do you enjoy the most about university? I wasn’t great at high school and never really pushed myself academically, but I’ve found that with university it’s the opposite. I enjoy the feeling of being challenged and I like that I can see the personal progress I’ve made. Is this where you pictured yourself to be? I took … Continue reading Your Stories – Meet Ava

Amy outdoors, smiling and holding a camera

Your Stories – Meet Amy

Name: Amy  Degree: Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering  What inspired you to do this degree? In year 9 Engineering Studies, guest speakers from the University of Wollongong came to talk about their future in Engineering. One of them, dressed in Supercars uniforms said she was an engineer for Red Bull racing, and I thought I want to do that! I made sure to do all the … Continue reading Your Stories – Meet Amy

Blake, Jordan and Aaron sitting together on the Auchmuty library lounges

Your Stories – Meet Blake, Jordan and Aaron

Names: Blake, Jordan & Aaron Degree: Bachelor of Music and Performing Arts So, tell me about your degree Blake: I was doing a double degree in computer science and mathematics before switching to a Bachelor of Music and Performing Arts. I’m the vice president of the UON Musos Club which was formed in late 2020. We meet every Tuesday at 6 pm and do performance … Continue reading Your Stories – Meet Blake, Jordan and Aaron

Yazmin sitting at a table outside the Hive cafe, holding a takeaway coffee

Your Stories – Meet Yazmin

Name: Yazmin Degree: Bachelor of Laws Combined (Criminology) How did you come to enroll in this degree? I always wanted a career in law working with women and children who experienced domestic violence and substance abuse issues, especially women with substance abuse issues who have had their children removed. I want to work with them for restorative purposes and to get them reconnected. I fell … Continue reading Your Stories – Meet Yazmin