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Your Stories – Meet Annie

Name: Annie

Degree: Bachelor of Biomedical Science

Have you always wanted to study Biomedical Science?

I never thought I’d be in a Biomedical degree. I didn’t even like biology in school. I originally had no direction and there was so much pressure to apply for university and choose what career I wanted to do, but I honestly had no idea. I always knew I wanted to be somewhere creative. I was in drama and music in high school which I loved, but coming from an Asian household there was a lot of pressure to prove myself. I wanted to feel like I had it all together which I totally don’t, even in my third year. I wanted to learn about the human body as well, so I chose Biomed. It’s a surprise but I love everything about it now.

Annie in her course, doing medical research in the lab

Where do you want to take the degree?

I didn’t realise until late in my degree where I wanted to take it. I’m majoring in advanced medical research, so I spend a lot of time in the labs. I hated being in the lab initially but now I’m motivated more than ever, specifically in reproductive and ovarian research. Since my own diagnosis of PCOS, I’ve wanted to pursue research on women’s reproductive health as there just isn’t much research or information at all. I’m a huge advocate for women in STEM degrees and want to inspire and educate other women in the field and those considering a STEM degree in future.

Annie studying outside the Auchmuty library

Have you had any experiences in the field?

I did a work placement at Hunter Medical Research Institute looking into foetal growth restriction by examining placentas. I had never even seen a placenta before, it was interesting to see them up close and compare them to ones that had been affected by things such as alcohol and smoking.

Do you have any words of advice for other students?

I get anxious about where I am in my life, comparing myself to others and where they are at in their own degrees. Everyone is in their own race. If you’re unsure what you want to do, at high school or even in the final year of your degree, it’s totally okay. Don’t do something just because it’s expected of you, I lived with that my whole life. Sometimes I doubt myself, and even though I ended up doing something I initially didn’t like, I found my own way and I’m doing this for me.

It is also important to make connections. I wouldn’t have made it through university without my friends and the lecturers that put in time for me, I’ve never felt alone.

Annie working on an assignment for her course in anatomical pathology

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