Amy outdoors, smiling and holding a camera

Your Stories – Meet Amy

Name: Amy 

Degree: Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering 

What inspired you to do this degree?

In year 9 Engineering Studies, guest speakers from the University of Wollongong came to talk about their future in Engineering. One of them, dressed in Supercars uniforms said she was an engineer for Red Bull racing, and I thought I want to do that! I made sure to do all the courses I needed to get into Newcastle or Wollongong University as they had racing teams (which I got into this year!). 

A formula Amy worked on for Engineering

Is this where you imagined yourself to be?

A design engineer graduate position for Ford Australia popped up in the Career Hub during my first year. As a Ford girl, I thought it would be cool to do. I had a place at the Whitehouse Institution for interior design photography and I’ve done work experience with mechanic friends through high school. Last summer I went to Cadia Hill to work in the gold mine, and they offered me a graduate position. It’s not exactly what I want to do but the door is open there which is exciting, I’m keeping my options open. 

So, what would be your ultimate career goal then?

To work for Dick Jones Racing or to travel around the world with an F1 race team!  

Amy shooting at a car race

What do you most enjoy about your course?

I enjoy how everything in my course relates and my timetable this semester. I’ve got a lot more freedom and have been able to do more than just study. I’m currently doing a photography course at the university between my engineering courses as it’s something I enjoy and provides downtime between my other subjects. 

Amy in her photography course

Have you overcome any challenges or have any advice for students?

Studying throughout the Covid pandemic was a challenge and coming back to university afterwards was difficult, but I’ve found ways to keep myself motivated. My advice for current or future students would be just asking for help. There’s a stigma around asking for help if you get stuck especially in the engineering facility. Lecturers, tutors and fellow students can normally help or point you in the right direction. 

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