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How to prep for exam time

With the final exam period just around the corner, we’ve put together a handy guide with some quick tips to help you prepare for your exams!

Are you the kind of person who always revises things ahead of time?  Or are you the type of person who feels anxious when the exam is drawing near? Or do you feel confident about your test already?  

Whatever category you fall into, we all want the exam seasons to end quickly, don’t we? Here are some general tips for exam preparation for all of you! 

Before the exam

Illustrations of Little Miss Checks Everything, Mr. Men Good at Time Management, and Little Miss Organised
(i)MR.MEN WIKI. (n.d.) Little Miss Busy. (ii) Bernstein, T. (2013) Mr Men Little Miss – colourlivingblog.

First of all, make sure you check everything about the exam time and venue like Little Miss Checks Everything. You can always find your exam timetable at this link. Enter your student number and voila, you’ll be able to see your timetable there. You can also find the exam venue in the same link around 3 weeks after the timetable is released. Or you can log into myUni and find your timetable in the “online exam timetable” tile. As for where you have to sit, it will be displayed outside the room door 15 mins before the exam starts. 

Another thing you can do is to have a daily timetable of when to study which subjects. This is what Mr. Men Good at Time Management has been doing and he always aces the exams.  

The last good habit you can practice is that on the night before the exam, try to channel your inner Little Miss Organised and make a list of items you are going to bring the next day. By doing so, you will not forget your exam equipment.  

Illustrations of Mr. Men Enough Sleep, Mr. Men In Good Mood and Little Miss Energetic
(i)Bernstein, T. (2013) Mr Men Little Miss – colourlivingblog.  
(ii)Turner, B. (2021) Mr. Men and Little Miss Children’s Books Celebrate their 50th Anniversary; Junior Magazine.

It’s also really important to take care of your physical and mental health at any time in your life, especially during exam days. Make sure you have a good night sleep before the exam like Mr. Men Enough Sleep. When your brain is fresh, you can perform better. Not having enough sleep can have impact on your memory, logical reasoning and creativity.  

Let me also share with you a little secret about Mr. Men Good Mood who can maintain high marks in his test – he always destresses before the exam. There are several ways to uplift your mood. You might already have your favourite stress relieving methods but here’s some things you can do: indulge yourself in your favourite hobbies, like listening to music, playing sports; or you can hang out with your friends; or you can use Mr. Men Good Mood’s number one method of destressing. He always says: 

“Good Food = Good Mood” 

I mean, it’s not wrong though. It is scientifically proven that good food releases happy hormones from your brain. So, why not eat food that you love before the exam! If you are in a good mood, you are more likely to perform well in the exam. 

And lastly, maybe have a sip of coffee or tea to make you active. This is how Little Miss Energetic has been boosting her mental focus and alertness. Make sure you don’t drink too much though! You want ingenuity not anxiety. 

During the exam

Illustration of Little Miss Adaptative
MR.MEN WIKI. (n.d.)  Little Miss Busy.

Read the questions carefully although you might have seen them before. You can also put a tick beside the question once you have finished answering it. Then, you will know which questions you have not answered or which questions you skipped.  

Plus, be like Little Miss Adaptative. Adapt your answering technique to the exam question format. Sometimes exam questions will not be familiar, or it can be different from how we had practised. And it’s natural to become overwhelmed but don’t spend all your time there. Skip that question, move on to the next one and come back to the question later.  

Best of luck with your exams everyone! 

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