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AskUON commonly asked questions – answered!

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Hey everyone! My name is Gabe and I’m a current student at The University of Newcastle and I am in the Bachelor of IT and Bachelor of Business. Being a student who came into university not knowing a thing nor what to do brought so many challenges, but it also opened my eyes on how to figure out and overcome those challenges. I love taking on a challenge to find a solution. Not only is it a fundamental aspect that I learn in my degree but it is also one of my personal skills. 

Now I consider myself a seasoned veteran when it comes to being a student. I also work for the university as an AskUON Customer Service Assistant and I actively help anyone and everyone (oh, and yes students can get jobs on campus!). Whether you are a student or soon to be a student, I have personally experienced everything from “where do I go?” to questions like “am I in the right courses?”. Well come along with me as I take you on journey of my ‘Most Commonly Asked Questions’ that I have experienced as an AskUON Customer Service Assistant! 

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Gabe studying on-campus

What do I do now that I’ve accepted my offer?

Now that you have accepted your offer, make sure that your Student Account is activated. Getting activated is essential as you will need your account to access other university portals and even do things such as enrolling in your classes. 

How do I enrol in my classes?

To enrol in your classes, be sure to take note of which courses to do via your Program Plan that is specific for your degree. This step can be cumbersome, but fear not as the How To Enrol webpage has step by step instructions plus cool videos/guides to help you enrol with ease! Once you have selected your courses, don’t forget to create your own personalised timetable that you can cater for your needs and schedules. 

I need some advice, where can I go?

If you need advice or need to ask a question, be sure to reach out to the amazing AskUON team at any of our Student Central Locations or Contact Us via phone or email. Students also have free access to services to maintain wellbeing on multiple fronts. From free Counselling consultations to IT Support, we have your back to make sure you keep going forward! To figure out what service is right for you, check out the Support website. 

On the flip side. Throughout the degree, sometimes you may need a little check-up or would like to consult a professional about handling your degree. Well, we have you covered with the lovely Program Advice team! They can help check your progress and help see if you are on track. 

Is AskUON for everyone?

Yes, yes, yes! Short Answer: Yes! Long Answer: Yes! Whether you are a current student, alumni, international or domestic, or maybe even someone interested in coming into Uni Newcastle, we the AskUON team will be there and ready to go!  

If you have any questions of your own, don’t hesitate to reach out to the AskUON team. We’re here for you and here with you to assist in any way we can! 

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