The Power of Study Buddies: Your Best Weapon Against Procrastination

It’s the end of the semester, one of the most demanding times for students. If you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, you’re not alone. As students, we often struggle to stay focused and productive, especially when life is swirling with job applications and shops are already selling Christmas decorations. 

Fortunately, there’s a powerful tool to help with this: study groups or study buddies!  

In this article, we’ll explore the advantages of studying in groups and how to establish and maintain a successful study group. Drawing from my own experience and insights, we’ll delve into how working together can significantly enhance your academic success.  

Establishing Your Study Group or Finding a Motivating Study Buddy 

Two students laughing while doing homework together in the campus library, sitting at a laptop with books open and pens out on the table

The first step is to establish your study group or find a motivating person to study with. If, like me, you’ve mostly been studying on your own because you didn’t know anyone at university, you might be wondering where to start.  

Check out the university’s available study spaces, utilise areas such as the UNSA office (University of Newcastle Students Association) or the building where you usually have classes. For example, I mostly study at the University House on the City Campus and the CoLab is the best space to connect.  

Another way to find study buddies is to explore the clubs on campus and organisations related to your field of study, as like-minded peers make for great study partners. 

Studying Together: Boosting Learning and Productivity 

Group of students smiling and studying from books while sitting in university library.

What are the benefits of study buddies/groups? 

Firstly, collaborating with peers exposes you to different points of view and helps you understand your assignments differently. Having access to different perspectives gives you more ideas, especially if you feel stuck on a task. It’s about mutual growth and success.    

Secondly, knowing that someone is counting on you can serve as a powerful motivator to stay on track. It can significantly help you and your buddies, combat procrastination. By keeping each other accountable, you will feel more committed to achieving your goals.  
Also, when you study with others, you can track your progress more effectively. Set goals, celebrate achievements and motivate each other to reach those goals. 

Thirdly, it supports your mental health. During stressful periods, your study group or buddy can offer emotional support and encouragement, reducing feelings of isolation. Working collaboratively fosters a sense of belonging and shared responsibility. You motivate each other, creating a positive feedback loop that keeps everyone engaged.   

Strategies for Effective Study Buddy Sessions  

Screenshot of the UNSA find a club page for the University of Newcastle

Studying together in a productive way can take various forms. 

When you meet up, actively engage in discussions, ask questions and share your insights. Active participation keeps the group engaged and fosters learning. If you’re more of an introvert, listening skills are also a wonderful way to participate! 

It’s a good idea to regularly check-in to maintain contact and consistency. You don’t have to meet in person every time but knowing that you will meet at some point is a great way to set goals.  

There are plenty of platforms to maintain study groups/buddies other than traditional study group meetings. You can use online tools to share ideas, group chats, Discord servers or social media groups dedicated to your course.   

In conclusion 

If you’re feeling stressed at this time of the year, it’s normal. The end of the semester is very demanding but you can find support with study buddies or study groups. Overall, I’ve found that studying with others is a great way to learn more effectively and reduce stress.  

The best part is, you can provide support too, without even knowing! Take advantage of university resources, clubs and shared spaces to join or establish your study group. Maintain check-ins, celebrate achievements and motivate each other. 

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